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Department of Mechanical Engineering
 Courses Offered
Department of Mechanical Engineering

   Faculty Details
Sl No. Name Designation Qualification Profile
1 Narayana Antharam Associate Professor & HOD M.Tech, (PhD) Photo
2 G. Gopi Chand Assistant Professor M.Tech, (PhD) Photo
3 M. Shobhan Babu Assistant Professor M.Tech, (PhD) Photo
4 Bommana Sravan Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech, (PhD) Photo
5 Prashant Rathod Assistant Professor M.Tech Photo
6 M. Satish Kumar Assistant Professor M.Tech Photo
7 V. Bala Subramanyam Assistant Professor M.Tech Photo
8 Mettela Ramakrishna Assistant Professor M.Tech Photo
9 L.Ramesh Assistant Professor M.Tech Photo
10 Abdul Jabair Teaching Assistant B.Tech Photo
11 Mohd Wafiuddin Teaching Assistant B.Tech Photo
12 Mohd Malik Khan Teaching Assistant B.Tech Photo
13 I. Vaikunta Raju Teaching Assistant B.Tech Photo